What is FOTL and why are we excited to break it!

What is FOTL and why are we excited to break it!

As the hobby continues to evolve so do the manufacturers and their eagerness to deliver the best hits to Hit Seekers like ourselves. That’s where today’s blog topic comes to light the lovely acronym FOTL. Like many hobbies, there’s no doubt that sports cards have a lexicon we’ve actually written a blog post on the new “dictionary” that you need for collecting. So what is FOTL and why are we excited to break 2020 Origins Football FOTL? 

FOTL - First Off the Line 

First Off the line hobby boxes are just that - they’re the first print run of new release products, and typically, they contain some amazing unique to FOTL box-only hits. I fell in love with FOTL boxes when I was able to break a case of 2019 Flawless Football First Off the Line. Each case of FOTL contained a guaranteed Rookie Patch Auto. Breakers and collectors alike ripped into these cases to pull the most immaculate Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Drew Lock patch autos. The key was, you had to be able to get your hands on the product. 

If you joined our 2020 Football Mixer on Saturday you may have heard me talk about how excited I was that we were able to buy an entire case of 2020 Panini Origins Football FOTL. The chase? Each FOTL Hobby Box contains one Rookie Autograph in Purple Parallel numbered to 17 or less, or a Jumbo Rookie Patch Autograph! 


These cards are beautiful, each hobby box contains just 7 cards, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but we’re all Hit Seekers right?! I’m thrilled to rip this product with you because of its inherent value. The sheer fact that each box has rookie autographs means we can go after all the big chases - Tua, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Ceede Lamb, Jordan Love, Justin Herbert - its such a strong rookie class that these cards should hold some incredible value.  

We’re going to be including Origins in NFL mixers and can’t wait to rip the first box with you this week!