5 Reasons Why I can’t wait to break 2020 Allen & Ginter 

5 Reasons Why I can’t wait to break 2020 Allen & Ginter 

Its been about two months since we officially launched Hit Seekers, and to our over 1,500 members we can’t say thank you enough. We’re having an absolute blast breaking with you. One product we can’t wait to break is 2020 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball. We thought it would be fun to share a bit about the product before we list later this week. 

First, a bit of history Allen & Ginter was a tobacco company founded in 1865 by John Allen and Lewis Ginter. They are credited with starting the passion of card collecting by releasing a collectible card series in their cigarette packs in 1887. In 2006, Topps decided to revitalize the brand and has been releasing the product ever since. 

Reaching beyond the standard card world of MLB stars, 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball offers champions across multiple athletic pursuits and what’s incredibly unique about the product - various subjects from popular culture. Each Hobby box includes three hits that can be autograph cards, cut signatures, relics, book cards, original buybacks, or rip cards, each case has 12 Hobby boxes so each break you’re looking at 36 hits! Even better, the price point on a full case won’t break the bank - with spots ranging from $15 to $250 and the median team priced at about $45.

This product is incredible because it offers a little bit of everything for each type of collector - the hobbyist, the set collector, and the “Hit Seeker” - below are my 5 reasons why we can’t wait to break 2020 Allen & Ginter!

The Non-Team Spot 

What I love the most about this product is the Non-Sport spot. Each break we do we offer up a spot for all the cards not associated with 2020 professional major baseball teams. That means you can pull autographs of Paul Rudd, Joe Burrow, Goosebumps author R.L. Stein and even Fixer-Upper icons Chip and Joanna Gains. This spot isn’t just a gimmic as these cards hold incredible value. As of this past weekend most of these autos were going for between $100-$800 each! 

The Rookies

Like most collectors, its all about the rookie cards and Allen & Ginter doesn’t hold back. In fact, this set contains almost 10 variations of each of the major rookies - Robert, Bichette, Lewis, Lux and more! You can find base, silver foil hot box parallels, minis, minis with parallel backs, framed rookie autos, relics and more!  There are plenty of gradeable rookie hits in this product.

The Hits

This product is packed with hits - from booklets, to Rip-cards (Cards that have a pull tab on them and allow the owner to “Rip” and find typically a highly sought after mini or stained glass parallel inside. To all the autos, and with 36 hits per box it is a ton of fun to rip. 

The Hot Box

On average there’s one box out of the case known as the “hot box” this box has all the base cards and inserts, but they’re finished with a specialty Silver Portrait Foil and they’re truly beautiful.  

The Mini’s

Finally, I’m not a tobacco card collector, but the mini cards in this product make it one of the most fun products to break. They allow you to bolster your collection and find Ginter Back parallels, short printed minis of all the stars! 

We can’t wait to break 2020 Allen and Ginter with you - we plan on listing our first case early this week and if you like it as much as we do, we’re going to keep them coming throughout the next few months!