Hit Seekers Glossary

Hit Seekers Glossary

The sports card world is growing by the day, and this week’s blog post is all about the lexicon breakers and collectors use across the industry. Did we miss any? Let us know and we’ll update the post!   

Listing – the post that details all the information for a break. This is where we will the break and it includes, pricing, style, break time, payment terms etc.

Fill – selling out a break

Hit – Any card of potential value, maybe a rookie, a relic, an auto, or a parallel – hits are what we’re in this for!

PYT – “Pick Your Team” – A style of break where teams are priced individually and you can pick your specific team for the break. Teams are priced based on a combination of Hit checklist, resell values, and market movements.

Random – Using Random.org we live stream all random postings to ensure everything is done fairly. Our house rule requires four or higher on the dice to indicate the number of rounds of random before we finalize the posting.

eBay 1/1 – a unique to eBay card (for instance a card #’d 99/99)

Gem – a perfect card according to a major grading company like PSA, SGC, BGS. 

Skunk – Going hitless in a break

Mixer – A break with various products in various years

RPA – Rookie Patch Auto

Blaster Box – typically purchased at a retail store, these boxes provide value hits for reasonable price points, but in some cases can be incredibly valuable (specifically for basketball rookie chases)

Chase – going after a specific player’s card

Superfractor / Prizm / Silver / Holo  - Limited refractors “holograms” of a card, often the most sought after versions of a player

Clean – used to refer to a card being in great condition or a prime candidate for grading. “That card is clean”