What is the Modern Card Shop?

What is the Modern Card Shop?

During the pursuit of opening Hit Seekers, one question continues to pop-up, what exactly is a modern card shop? Oftentimes it's difficult to put into words a vision that you have for the way the Hobby continues to evolve, but I wanted to do my best to describe what Hit Seekers is and perhaps more importantly what Hit Seekers is not. 

So much of our daily lives today transpire online, you wake up and the first thing you do is check your phone - your social media, your email, etc. and commerce has gone the same way. Perhaps due to the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I tend to believe COVID merely accelerated trends that were already started. We as consumers know what we want so the places that can make it easy for you to find those things at a reasonable price and deliver quickly and safely will continue to win disproportionately. 

No matter how much convenience trumps running errands, deep down there still exists this sense of wonder.  A true desire to stroll through a retail store to see, touch, and experience new products. Those retail experiences that deliver on merchandising exciting inventory at the right prices continue to win. You know these stores well because they’re brands people admire (think Apple, Costco, Trade Joe’s, Whole Foods.) 

So enough of the conjecture, what is Hit Seekers? What is a Modern Card Shop?

Hit Seekers was born as, and always will be an online-first business. Whether we’re doing case breaks in our Facebook Group, or live on the Loupe Sports Cards App we want to provide the convenience for you of being able to get the cards you have to have for your PC. Yet, we always knew deep down the modern collector wants a place to “belong.” A place where they feel comfortable meeting like-minded people, a place they can bring their kids to perhaps learn more so than purchase. The Modern Card shop is as much about fostering this community as it is about the next new product release - and we intend to focus on doing just that. 

Think of our card shop as more of a country club where the only entry fee is a similar passion for cardboard. Yes, we might be the only card shop in the country with a beer license for adults, and ample root beer for the kids, but no, we’re not a bar. We just want you to be able to experience the Hobby in the manner of your choosing. The store will always be clean, inventory well displayed and priced, and to the best of our knowledge we’ll strive to answer every “do you have” question.

We intentionally designed the space to be like walking into center field of your favorite stadium. We’ll host trade nights, and even run bulk grading submissions of PSA cards for our customers. In short, we’re going to marry the online and offline.

So whether you want to rip the latest release - find that new single you just have to have, or want to rip something on Loupe we’re going to consistently commit to turning over new items, providing the best prices possible, and always shipping cards the way we would want to receive them. 

So if that’s what the Modern Card Shop aims to be, then what is it “not”?

There’s some things we simply aren’t. While we love memorabilia and we own some really cool pieces, we’re not a memorabilia shop. And while we will be buying, selling, and trading lots and cards, we’re going to be a little more picky than what other shops in the area may be. That doesn’t mean we don’t think what you have is interesting, it just means it may not work for what we need at that time. In that case, we’re happy to refer other shops we think could be a good spot to sell. 

We’re not exclusive. Hit Seekers will provide an environment for collectors of all types. That means we treat everyone the same no matter the size of your wallet or the amount of your card knowledge. If you collect Pokemon or if you collect Prizm Basketball you’ll find safe haven at Hit Seekers. 

So join us this weekend, we can’t wait to meet you and share this hobby that we love so much with as many of you as we can!